Medical Malpractice, Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices Group

Strong & Hanni's Medical Malpractice/Pharmaceutical/Medical Devices Group has substantial experience in defending both medical malpractice and medical product liability claims. The Group has prepared and litigated cases involving breast implants, catheters, joint implants, hip prostheses, heart valves, pacemakers, orthopedic fixation devices and a variety of other medical products.

Among our clients are Dow Corning, Connaught Labs, CIBA-Geigy, Merck, Sharp & Dohme, the UpJohn Company, and Synthes (an orthopedic device manufacturer). In addition, we represent numerous doctors and health care facilities such as Primary Children's Medical Center, LDS Hospital, McKay Dee Hospital, Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, Cottonwood Hospital, Fred Hutchinson Research Center, and other public and private health care providers (and their insurers) in wide-ranging medical malpractice claims from obstetrics and brain damage cases to wrongful deaths.

Strong & Hanni has also worked closely with insurance companies for over 100 years. In the medical malpractice area we have done work for virtually all insurers including Utah Medical Insurance Association (UMIA), IHC, WSPIE, Washington Casualty Company, University of Washington, CNA, ICA, The Doctors' Company, and Farmers.

Group Attorneys
Philip R. Fishler
R. Scott Williams
Catherine M. Larson
Michael J. Miller
Suzette H. Goucher
Peter J. Baxter
Jennier R. Carrizal